Youth Empowerment Project



Age: 9

Primary Programs:

Afterschool, Summer Camp and Camp Mariposa

From dance class to swimming and weekend-long overnight camp trips, Ty’J embraces all components of YEP Enriches programming – the Afterschool Program, Summer Camp and Camp Mariposa.

Ty’J came to YEP in second grade after learning about YEP from her cousin. Now in fourth grade, she considers YEP a safe haven and looks forward to taking part in fun and educational activities. Ty’J will happily share her favorite activities with anyone who asks.

“My favorite thing about YEP is swimming and Camp Mariposa because it’s fun and I meet new friends every time.” said Ty’J.

“We do camp fires, have talent shows, go swimming and canoeing. I always have a great time!”

Ty’J says her family is happy she attends YEP and that her grandmother signed her up for the enrichment programming. The 9-year-old says another added bonus about the Afterschool Program is that the staff members make sure she finishes her daily homework assignments.

“If I couldn’t come to YEP, I would miss it. I would miss the other kids and the staff,” said Ty’J.