Youth Empowerment Project


Age: 22

Primary Program:

YEP Works – Bike Works & Thrift Works

“I love communicating with people and they love me! I always get good feedback at work with the customers. I really enjoy it,” said Summer, who always considered herself an introvert until she enrolled in YEP Works. The 22-year-old works at Calcasieu Private Dining, part of the Link Restaurant Group (LRG) – a YEP externship partner that provides support and training to graduates of YEP Works. After her externship with LRG, the company hired Summer as an employee.

Summer became connected to YEP Works through the recommendation of one of her teachers at a local charter school. Summer earned an educational stipend at YEP while gaining customer service experience in Bike Works and Thrift Works. Summer says the biggest lesson she learned while at YEP was how to become a better communicator.

“I have high anxiety and struggle with depression. I’ve always been a very private person and had trouble making eye contact,” said Summer. “YEP taught me how to get and keep a job, how to not be nervous and how to communicate with other people, including coworkers.”

Summer never thought she would enjoy the restaurant industry as much as she does and wants to work her way up the ranks at LRG. Down the road, Summer hopes to
enroll in college and pursue a medical career.

“I’m still interested in attending nursing school. A career in nursing has always been one of my passions,” said Summer.