Youth Empowerment Project

Rynae & Ryan

Primary Program: Camp Mariposa

Secondary Program: Summer Camp

“When I go home, I am happy” -Rynae

Siblings, Ryan and Rynae joined YEP in September 2015 at the urging of a social worker at a community partner organization. Since becoming involved in YEP’s Summer Camp and Camp Mariposa programs, staff have noticed how they both have matured. Ryan enjoys spending time doing outdoor camp activities like hiking, canoeing and playing sports with his peers. Ryan says that he most enjoys: “When they teach me great things to do. I also like it when they let us play basketball.”

According to YEP staff, Rynae has used her time productively at both Camp Mariposa and Summer Camp as she has worked on achieving some of her personal goals. Rynae says “YEP is a great place and it is safe. The last time I had a fight they helped calm me down. YEP has helped me calm down. When I go home, I am happy.”