Youth Empowerment Project



Age: 21

Primary Program: YEP Works – Design Works

Talking with a friend during a restaurant shift is how Ishman learned about YEP’s creative digital media program, Design Works. As a high school graduate with an interest in design and
fashion, he felt the program would help expand his horizons. He was right.

“Going through YEP helped me a lot in getting up the ladder and sticking to my dreams. It was a positive step forward,” said Ishman.

Ishman successfully completed phases I and II of YEP’s Design Works program. After completing the training, YEP Works staff helped connect him to an externship opportunity with Queork,
one of YEP’s employment partners. Ishman is currently a full-time employee with the New Orleans based company that specializes in luxury hand-crafted products made from cork
trees, and in his role he helps to design and manufacture some of those products.

“This is exactly what I want to be doing. YEP and Queork have given me the design experience I need to start my own business in design and fashion one day,” said Ishman.

The 21-year-old has an entrepreneurial spirit and wants to continue to learn more valuable on-the-job skills before launching his own business.