Youth Empowerment Project


Primary Program: Community-Based Mentoring

Secondary Programs: Trafigura Work and Learn Center’s Creative Digital Media Program, Age: 16 Teen SET Program, Afterschool Program

When you find a place that makes you feel at home and part of a supportive family, you stick around. Eight years ago, Gerald came to YEP as a middle school student and now he is a high school senior. Gerald says he found out about YEP from a brochure during a time when he was struggling with managing his anger. Fast forward to today and the 16-year-old says his life has changed for the better. Gerald acknowledges he has made major milestones and he credits YEP. “Now I’m calm and collected. YEP hooked me up with a job, everything is going so well. YEP has had a pretty positive impact on my life,” said Gerald. Gerald was first introduced to YEP as a child and took advantage of YEP’s Community-Based Mentoring Program. He then got involved in our Teen Summer Employment Training (SET) Program, Afterschool Program and most recently he graduated from our Trafigura Work and Learn Center’s Creative Digital Media Program. Gerald wants to go to college and study computer science. When he first joined YEP Gerald had his sights set on becoming an astronaut. Now he has different plans: “I want to be a software designer, a game designer.”