Youth Empowerment Project


Age: 13

Primary Program: Afterschool Program

“I like the staff because they are very nice and they treat everyone like family,” said David.

When David finishes school for the day he is excited to make his way to YEP’s Afterschool Program where you will likely find him shooting hoops on the basketball court or brushing up on his musical skills as a member of the YEP Drumline.

“I get to socialize with everyone, have a nice time, play basketball – there is a lot to do,” said David. “I really enjoy the cooking classes and the drumline, which is really fun too. I like that I get to learn a new instrument.”

David discovered YEP after a group of his friends introduced him to the Youth Center where the Afterschool Program is held. Before YEP, David says he would spend his out-of-school time hanging out at a local outdoor basketball court. The 13-year-old plans on being a part of YEP for as long as he can and he would like to work at YEP someday.

“My mom thinks YEP is a good program,” said David, “I think YEP is fun. You get to meet new people and learn new things!”