Youth Empowerment Project


Age: 18

Primary Program: The Village
Secondary Programs: Trafigura Work and Learn Center & NOPLAY Summer Scholars 2017

A conversation Arione had with a stranger about YEP while riding the bus one day is what changed her life. He listened as she talked about being tired of attending a traditional high school in New Orleans and then suggested Arione check out one of YEP’s adult learning centers where she could earn her high school equivalency diploma.

“I never had a big dream about me graduating. That was something I felt wasn’t in my future. But coming to YEP, everybody encourages you and tells you that you can do it.” – Arione

Arione successfully completed YEP’s Village Program, earning her HiSET diploma in May of 2017.

Since connecting with YEP, Arione says her life has taken a positive turn. In addition to the Village, she has signed up for other YEP programs including the Trafigura Work and Learn Center and NOPLAY Summer Scholars.“YEP helps you earn money, you can get clothes and other things you need,” said Arione, “It’s really an awesome program.”

Now that Arione has earned her high school equivalency diploma she is working with YEP’s Post-Secondary Transition Services Coordinator to enroll in a local college. Arione has her sights set on earning her Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification.