Youth Empowerment Project


Age: 16

Primary Program: Community-Based Mentoring

Tyrian likes to keep busy with extracurricular activities that include playing point guard on her high school basketball team and being a cadet in her school’s JROTC. YEP staff say Tyrian
is upbeat and has a positive attitude when she attends YEP Mentors programming.

Despite her optimistic outward appearance, Tyrian has struggled over the years with anger management and coping with challenges within her family. Tyrian joined YEP in March of 2017,
referred to YEP Mentors through a contract that YEP has to provide supports to children engaged with the Families in Need of Services (FINS) programming in St. Charles Parish.

“It’s nice to know I’m not alone. We have one-on- one and group discussions at YEP and our youth advocates take us out to eat. And, I get to speak with other young people who are going
through similar things,” said Tyrian.

Recognizing Tyrian’s natural leadership skills, YEP has offered the 16-year-old the opportunity to earn a stipend while providing homework assistance to younger youth and assisting staff
with setting up for weekly events and activities.

“YEP is there to support you with whatever you need. They’re nice people to be around,” said Tyrian.

Tyrian is currently a high school sophomore and has set her sights on pursuing a legal career or a career in law enforcement.