Youth Empowerment Project


Ty’J Age: 9 Primary Programs: Afterschool, Summer Camp and Camp Mariposa From dance class to swimming and weekend-long overnight camp trips, Ty’J embraces all components of YEP Enriches programming – the Afterschool Program, Summer Camp and Camp Mariposa. Ty’J came to YEP in second grade after learning about YEP from her cousin. Now in fourth […]


Ishman Age: 21 Primary Program: YEP Works – Design Works Talking with a friend during a restaurant shift is how Ishman learned about YEP’s creative digital media program, Design Works. As a high school graduate with an interest in design and fashion, he felt the program would help expand his horizons. He was right. “Going […]


Age: 16 Primary Program: Community-Based Mentoring Tyrian likes to keep busy with extracurricular activities that include playing point guard on her high school basketball team and being a cadet in her school’s JROTC. YEP staff say Tyrian is upbeat and has a positive attitude when she attends YEP Mentors programming. Despite her optimistic outward appearance, […]


Age: 13 Primary Program: Afterschool Program “I like the staff because they are very nice and they treat everyone like family,” said David. When David finishes school for the day he is excited to make his way to YEP’s Afterschool Program where you will likely find him shooting hoops on the basketball court or brushing […]


Age: 22 Primary Program: YEP Works – Bike Works & Thrift Works “I love communicating with people and they love me! I always get good feedback at work with the customers. I really enjoy it,” said Summer, who always considered herself an introvert until she enrolled in YEP Works. The 22-year-old works at Calcasieu Private […]


Age: 18 Primary Program: Community-Based Mentoring Football has been Julien’s passion and he exhibited a natural talent for the sport from an early age. The 18-year-old’s on-the-field skills, coupled with his academic success and strong personal attributes, are what landed him a full athletic football scholarship to Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, LA where he […]


Age: 9 Primary Program: Afterschool Program  Secondary Program: Summer Camp “I came to YEP so staff could help me with my homework,” says Aleeyhia who has been attending YEP’s Afterschool Program for the past three years with her older brother and sister. “I like arts and crafts, especially making slime!” However, Aleeyhia’s favorite thing about […]


Age: 20 Primary Program: Trafigura Work and Learn Center – Bike Works & Design Works A year ago when Roman Smith first came to YEP, he was quiet and reserved. Fast forward to today and the young man is willing to share his personal journey with you, which in itself is a major milestone. “There […]


Age: 18 Primary Program: The Village Secondary Programs: Trafigura Work and Learn Center & NOPLAY Summer Scholars 2017 A conversation Arione had with a stranger about YEP while riding the bus one day is what changed her life. He listened as she talked about being tired of attending a traditional high school in New Orleans […]

Clarence & Christian

YEP Educates Alumni Age(s) 20 & 18 Primary Program: Community-Based Mentoring Next year, Christian Pollard is looking forward to graduating from high school. If you ask him about future goals a long list of ideas spill excitedly out of his mouth. “Business is my future major, a minor in photography, a side business in cosmetology, […]