Corey and Damar

coreyanddamar00We are thrilled to introduce you to two outstanding young men, Corey and Damar. Both Corey and Damar are involved in our Community Reintegration program, which provides support to young people returning to the New Orleans region from secure and non-secure state facilities operated by the Office of Juvenile Justice.

Corey, who is 18, has been involved with YEP since June 2012. In addition to being enrolled in YEP’s Reintegration program, he also participated in YEP’s 2012 NOPLAY Summer Scholars program (NSS). Corey is now enrolled at Jefferson Chamber Foundation Academy, while also taking technical skill classes at Delgado Community College. When he grows up, Corey wants to be an architect.

Corey says YEP has helped him a lot and that he’s “learned to stop and think before I act, and recognize the consequences of my actions.” He also believes that YEP is good for him, saying “I know that I’m not alone, and that I have people I can count on.”

Damar, 16, has been involved with YEP since March 2012. He says that YEP has helped him “learn how to cope with other people and how to cope with family issues and my feelings.” He also says that his Youth Advocate, Ms. Catrina, “always encourages me to try harder when I get frustrated at school.” A ninth grader at L. B. Landry High School, Damar wants to go to college and become a business man.

We are so proud of both these young men and are excited to watch them work toward, and achieve their dreams!