ezekiel00A Village program student, Ezekiel came to YEP in October of 2011, and on December 16th he earned his GED! Ezekiel, now 21, dropped out of high school at the age of 17 because he didn’t feel like he was getting the support he needed. Ezekiel says that YEP really worked for him because he could “work at his own pace” and “whenever he needed help he had someone to ask.” He especially struggled with fractions, but after some one-on-one help, he successfully mastered them!

Ezekiel appreciated the Village program, because it taught him “how to better himself” and “the proper rules of etiquette.”

Ezekiel offers this advice to other students pursuing their GEDs, “All you have to do is stop playing around. When it’s time to work, just do it!”

Willie Muhammed, Ezekiel’s Village instructor, says of his success: "Ezekiel to me is a perfect example of why we cannot forsake the youth. Many of them are filled with talent and intelligence, and only need the right environment to help it manifest. After not being in school for almost five years he started the Village and obtained his GED within months. I think that is a testament to his greatness."

Ezekiel is now enrolled in Liberty’s Kitchen, a program that provides culinary job training. He also plans to enroll in college to pursue a career in sports management. Everyone at YEP is very excited to see what the future holds for this talented young man!