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Founded in 2006, NOPLAY is the Youth Empowerment Project's educational program, providing GED/HiSET and basic literacy instruction to out-of-school youth and young adults between the ages of 16-24 from the Greater New Orleans region. NOPLAY is the largest adult education provider in the city that specializes in providing literacy and educational services to this population. NOPLAY has grown steadily over the past ten years and has a proven track record of success.  In the 2015-16 fiscal year, NOPLAY served 600 students.

To date, NOPLAY has produced 316 GED/HiSET graduates and our students continue to demonstrate significant academic gains. During the 2015-2016 fiscal year, 60 percent of students exhibited a grade level gain in 2 or more subjects. Additionally, in the 2015-16 academic year, YEP's Post-Secondary Transition Coordinator has helped 52 NOPLAY graduates to entering college or a post-secondary institution. YEP is also thrilled to report that of the graduates who enrolled in post-secondary institutions in the last fiscal year maintained a retention rate (completed two or more semesters) of 88 percent.

In addition to the classes we offer at the main NOPLAY site in Mid-City, YEP offers high school equivalency classes to interested adults 16 and over at the Arthur Monday Center in Algiers. YEP continues to support NOPLAY youth after they complete the program, providing graduates with in-house ACT prep, ongoing employment and post-secondary support from our transition coach and financial support in terms of assisting with paying for college application fees and books. 

*In January 2014, the state of Louisiana moved from utilizing the GED examination to the HiSET test, which will now serve as the high school equivalency examination for all Louisiana residents.

NOPLAY is an open enrollment program that operates year round out of the following locations:


YEP's New Orleans Adult Learning Center

139 S. Broad St. (504) 658-9221

Open Mon-Thu 10am-7pm and Fri 10am-2pm

Orientation Tue and Wed, 10am-12pm, Please call for an appointment


YEP in Algiers (satellite location)

1111 Newton St. 2nd Floor

(504) 658-4577

Open Mon-Thu 9am-5pm and Fri 9am-2pm

Orientation Thu and Fri, Please call for an appointment 



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In its first year, NOPLAY served 25 students. In 2014 – NOPLAY serves over 800 students annually and has produced 269 GED/HiSET graduates.


$100 pays for one qualified young adult to take the HiSET examination and attain a brighter future.