Wanda Rogers

Peer Instructor, NOPLAY Program

Wanda-01Wanda is a 2012 graduate of NOPLAY. While earning her GED wasn’t an early priority, she decided to register and was amazed at how open and welcoming the site was. After enrolling, she worked diligently toward earning her GED while working a full-time job, and graduation led to the improvement of other aspects of her life. She was promoted, got a raise, and was invited to take the Civil Service exam. In 2013, YEP hired Wanda as a  Peer Instructor at the NOPLAY-Westbank site. She is dedicated to helping others and says, "Since becoming an instructor, I’ve realized how much I enjoy helping others, and I have plans to further my education by studying the education field."


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70 percent of YEP’s staff members are born and raised in New Orleans and the vast majority grew up in the same neighborhoods that our youth live in. Our staff members’ personal understanding of the challenges that our young people face make them uniquely qualified to provide support to YEP youth.