Carl Hutchins

Peer Instructor, NOPLAY Program

Carl-01Currently, Carl Hutchins serves as a full-time instructor a the Arthur Monday Center, helping prepare YEP participants for the HiSET. He came to YEP originally as a NOPLAY student in 2008-09. In Summer 2009, Carl was 21 and was recording timesheets and grading papers for YEP/NOPLAY when YEP offered him a tutoring position in the NOPLAY Drop-In Center. He was nervous at first, but admits that the role helped bring him out of his shell, grow and excel. Soon, Carl was offered to join the Literacy Alliance with Americorps, where he served for one year. He gained confidence in himself, was asked to stay on with YEP as a part-time instructor. He just recently gained full-time employment with the YEP and the title of Assistant Instructor. "My goals have always been about personal development and I have grown a lot during my time with YEP. YEP chose me as much as I chose YEP, and I have been able to achieve some things that I did not know I was able to do."