D’eshon is a 16-year old graduate of the Trafigura Work & Learn (W&L) Center’s bicycle repair cohort. He was referred to the W&L Center by his case worker at the juvenile public defender’s office. D’eshon says he was excited to enroll in the program because needed to find something to help him succeed and, in his words, “to stay out of trouble”.

D’eshon was eager to enroll in the W&L Center because he has always been interested in fixing things, saying: “I always liked working on cars, and so when I heard about the bike shop I figured I would be able to handle it, and I was able to learn how to fix bikes pretty quickly.”

D’eshon says that one of the difficulties he’s had in life is to be able to stick to a plan and finish it, but that the W&L Center staff have really helped him to succeed, saying: “Sometimes it was as simple as having bus tokens to be able to get from home to the shop, and the staff made sure I had them, which allowed me to participate.” D’eshon is enthusiastic about his the new skills he has learned through participating in the Traifugura W&L Center, saying: “I really liked taking an old, ugly bike and making it like new by giving it new paint, decals, tires and handlebars. It’s cool to transform something and know that you did it with your own hands”.

D’eshon was ecstatic about successfully graduating from the W&L Center, saying: “I felt proud about graduating, I knew I put the work in, and it felt good to finish. I was excited to get the completion certificate, and I put it on the wall at home!” D’eshon is currently working on his high school diploma at a local high school, and hopes to finish in about two years, saying: “My goal is to get in there and work, REALLY work, not miss any days, and dedicate myself to finishing!”

We are proud of everything D’eshon has accomplished and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented and driven young man.