tra00Tra has been involved with YEP’s Community Based Mentoring Program, which provides boys with a strong male role model, for over four years. Tra first became engaged with YEP after experiencing some difficulties at school. He is now a senior at Warren Easton High School, where he plays on the football team!

Tra says that his mentor, Renell Gibbs, is like a big brother to him because "we relate to each other and he’s always someone I can depend on." Tra’s mother, Ms. Hutton, echoes this sentiment, saying that after her son began working with Renell she began to see Tra’s personality return and that he "started becoming more confident in himself."

Renell says of Tra’s success: "I'm proud of Tra' because he's really worked through the problems he had when I first met him. He's grown so much and is definitely his own man. He now helps me mentor the younger guys in the program!"

Tra hopes to receive a football scholarship to college (he is already receiving recruitment letters), and we’ll keep cheering for Tra as he continues to work toward accomplishing his dreams!